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B4Bp Course
Nothing More important

Courses for teenage boys and girls at school, college & other settings; for prisoners; and for primary school children

Patrons: Sir Richard Bowlby, Dr Christopher Clulow,

Dr Rowan Williams

Human beings remember what they have learnt through experiential methods which involve their emotions, far more than what they learn through purely intellectual methods.

‘Every state-funded school must offer a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based and which prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life, as per Section 2.1 of the National Curriculum Framework.’       PSHE Association     

B4BP Trustees: Rebecca Baxter, Sheila Ozeer, Carol Spence.

Steering Group: Ros Kane, Betty Hales, Rebecca Baxter, Sheila Ozeer, Carol Spence.

Development Worker: Ros Kane

Course Tutor: Tony Cealy.

Our Methods

We use only methods designed to appeal to male and female teenagers, delivered in experiential ways that they are unlikely ever to forget. We use 


We include, for example:

  • Regular visits by fathers, mothers and babies for observation and discussion

  • Role play and varied drama techniques, e.g. Forum Theatre

  • Life-like baby dolls to take home for a weekend

  • 7lb bag of flour for each student to carry round all week

  • Use of music / art / dance and movement / poetry

  • Short film clips

  • Information (e.g. about neuroscience) presented in vivid, creative ways

  • Discussion of True and False statements

  • Visits to early years venues if time allows

  • Outside speakers

  • Informal, optional  'homework'

  • Item about parenting, babies or children to take home and keep each week (quote, press cutting, picture etc.)

  • All anonymous questions answered

  • End-of-course production of a play/presentation to show others 

  • Folder of information to keep

  • Certificate

  • Emotional support as needed during course

"I love the project. It’s fun and a better way of learning about being a parent."
Mcentee Secondary school Pupil
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